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November 25, 2012

Have a computer issue? Need your computer to work like new again? Call us today! (510) 427-3960

Or EMail us at: Support@TechTriageUSA.com

Hello and welcome,

Tech Triage is a Computer Repair business located in San Lorenzo, just south of Oakland, in Northern California. We have over 10 years of computer and technology repair experience.

We provide high end computer repair and innovative information technology solutions. We provide services for both local clients as well as business clients. We currently offer the following services:

  • Service, Repairs & Consulting
  • Complete System Builds (Build a new machine with components you need/want and nothing you don’t. This allows you to piece together a PC to your personal specifications.)
  • Software & Hardware Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • LCD Flat Panel Display Repairs
  • iPod, iPad, iPhone Repairs
  • Virus & Spyware Detection & Removal
  • IT Network Service, Sales & Support
  • Component Level Repairs
  • Custom Storage & Raid Solutions
  • Custom Designed Computer Cases & Computer Modifications

If you need any of the above services and or have needs for services that are not listed, feel free to contact us, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

We offer competitive pricing and offer repair packages that will suite both your needs and your budget. We will not be out priced. If you bring in a quote for services from a competitor we will not only beat their prices but will give you an additional discount. Our services are equal to or better than most chain store repair shops and we refuse to sacrifice quality even though our prices are lower than other repair shops. The secret to our competitive affordable prices? Tech Triage does not have a fancy flashy store front, giant office, and or part of any franchise or umbrella company. We do not offer you services that you don’t need and so we will only recommend services that are needed to both repair the problem that is presented and maximize the health & performance of your machine. We are a small local business and we pride ourselves in providing top notch service at lower prices than our competitors.

When you become a customer of Tech Triage, you become part of our business family. You do not become a number, a file in a cabinet, or just “that guy who brought in their PC with the virus”. You become known and addressed by who you are, so you can feel respected and comfortable. When we service someone’s computer we always treat it as if it was our own. Because we understand first hand how much a computer becomes a huge part of your life. So it is important to take extra care of the machine as well as to do everything in our power to provide you with a fast turn around on our service time so you can have your computer/laptop/phone/tablet/etc, back in your possession and ready for you to tap back into your social networks, online financing, online shopping, and or school or business related tasks.

So call us today for a price quote and we will gladly assist you through the process. All price quotes and consultations are free.

We look forward to speaking with you and doing business with you.

Call us today! (510) 427-3960

Or EMail us at: Support@TechTriageUSA.com


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